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First, make sure that your name and address are entered exactly as they appear on your credit card statement, or the charge may be rejected. Next, please make sure you have correctly entered the expiration date and CVV code – this is a common cause of transaction failure.
• If the cancellation is done by the delegate within 48 hours of subscribing, 10% of total paid fee will be deducted as administration fee.
To redeem a coupon or avail the discount please contact your account executive if you are an already enrolled student.
If you wish to change the account name kindly drop an email at support@courseinfotech.com, with-in 48hr account details will be updates as suggested.
Kindly inform the support team at support@courseinfotech.com they will do the needful.
To change the password of your account please talk to your account executive they will guide you how to change the password or drop an email for the same to the support team they will do the needful.

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